Cell phone providers fight for the title of most reliable, highest-value, most coverage, and best price. Below are our providers for wireless phones and our thoughts on there service.

AT&T Wireless

  • AT&T offers affordable options and is great for a budget-conscious consumer
  • AT&T has more than 153 million customers in the U.S., making it one of the biggest and most competitive providers in the country. There are three wireless plans to choose from, fewer than some other carriers, but the prices are quite impressive. Unlimited data plans start at just $65/mo. for one line.
  • Download speed experience is rated higher than all competitors

Spectrum Mobile

  • Only available to existing Spectrum internet customers
  • Spectrum uses Verizon’s cellular network, which has the best coverage of any wireless carrier
  • Offers an affordable unlimited data plan
  • Unlimited plans starting at 45/mo